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About Juan

My name is Juan Vargas, I am a Lifestyle coach ASFA certified with a long 5-year history of experience that drove me toward my passion of guiding others through their physical and overall lifestyle goals.  My background ranges from personal training individual clients to boot-camp style classes, with a specialization and interest in weight loss, fat % loss, and strength and conditioning.

I am here to help and motivate with not only the desired physique but also with an individual’s mindset in order to establish attitudes that will lead to long-term change - not just an easy fix. Ultimately unleashing the best version of oneself.

With my lifestyle program, you can expect a more holistic and tailored approach. As a person who is always growing, I also offer you an open mind and a coach who is always staying current with the latest health and wellness updates. My services are more holistic and tailored to each individual so that a  higher level of results can be experienced. With my lifestyle program.

If you feel you want to accomplish more in life, and experience a higher level of results, feel free to send me a text with your goals, so that we can discuss and create a pathway to your success.

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Great Coach

"Juan is a great coach! He is great at organizing and structuring your workout, and helping stay accountable.I like he’s approach on catering to the “busy entrepreneur schedule.” He tracks your food/water intake, macros, etc., your daily mobility and gives stretch and workout instructions all using the convenience of my phone/apps. He follows up at least once a week. He is honest and realistic when it come to his coaching.I’m still working on my personal fitness goal with him and I’m happy to say I have made a great deal progress thanks to his coaching."
- Marlon Herrera

Professional & Committed

"I worked with Felipe for a long time and I can say he is really professional and committed with you and your progress , I highly recommend him for his passion and knowledge that he has doing his routines and all that stuff."
- Juan Camilo

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My services

Nutrition Coaching

Access a wide variety of delicious meals made by you. Healthy recipes are essential for pursuing a better life.

Customized tailored nutrition programs
Meal Plans
Grocery list
Meal recipes

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Personal Training

Welcome to the world of health and wellness. Our team will evaluate you from top to bottom, assessing your strong suits and areas for improvement.

One-on-one training sessions
Customized workout programs
Accountability and follow-ups

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We're here to help make going to the gym less intimidating. When you work out with the best equipment, you are inspired to work hard. Customizing your program is crucial, and experienced professionals will address your unique needs.

- Stretches and steps

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Wellness Coaching

Access a wide variety of delicious meals made by you. Healthy recipes are essential for pursuing a better life.

Stretching plan
Mobility plan
Wellness tracking
Steps tracking

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